Signature Treatments 

the Afterglow Treatment

The beautiful, luxurious skin you see on the red carpet can now be yours with this exciting and innovative procedure for improving your complexion. Regenerate dying skin cells, rejuvenate the skin’s deep layers, and nourish and hydrate your face, all without surgery or other invasive methods. The result is a fresh, healthy look that radiates youthfulness.

green room treatment

This treatment is best for instant flawlessness! No down time, redness or swelling this treatment relaxes you and leaves you camera ready. Whether you have a big event or an important weekend away and you want to look your best, this is just the treatment.

Ageless treatment

This treatment is designed to whisk away layers of dead skin and uncover that youthful appearance hidden underneath. The Age Response Treatment is a 2 hour treatment Designed to help reverse the signs of aging skin.

renew treatment

The Renew treatment is designed specifically to tone and tighten the skin. This treatment combines the highest quality machines to tighten and tone your skin along with facial serums to revive your skin leaving your face feeling tight and bright.