Our Mission

Welcome to Ziva, Beauty Reimagined, where everyone is encouraged to live a life free of ALL beauty stigmas.  The mindset of “all or nothing” is a dated way of thinking. Enhancing our external beauty is fun and can indeed help us to a certain degree feel beautiful or better about ourselves. But Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but in mind of the beholder. When beauty comes as much from within as without, it in turn magnifies your outer beauty. 

Ziva’s radically-inspired approach creates a whole new way of looking and feeling your best. Our wholistic approach integrates the best of all worlds, from western medicine to alternative medicine. Our staff includes board certified physician, medical esthetician’s, reiki healers,  and teachers who are living legends. The entire staff is made up of brilliant minds who know how to inspire and transform. Ziva is dedicated to YOU the person who is going through unexpected life changes at any age. Dealing with aging, skin issues, hormone issues, weight gain, divorce, job loss? Maybe you have lost yourself and want to reconnect with who you really are. Ziva is the space for you. It’s time to get BOLD and Fearless about what you really want with no apologies.