HER - Divine Feminine Awakening Course
6:00 PM18:00

HER - Divine Feminine Awakening Course

Activate Divine Feminine Essence with the Archetypes of the Goddess•Queen•Priestess•Divine Maiden•Princess•Seductress

You hold a deeper beauty, a depth, a spiritual insight and wisdom. It’s this aspect of your beauty for which you’ve always craved to be seen. There’s something special and unique about you, but you may have doubted it. Maybe you still do.

Perhaps you’ve felt alienated at times and you’ve misinterpreted what makes you special, thinking instead that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. You can no longer turn your back on the power that lies within you. You cannot continue to sacrifice your needs or your truth.

It’s not enough to only use your intellect. When you connect with your heart, touch your emotions, expand your awareness, activate your imagination, awaken your intuition, engage your body and activate your will by connecting with your Divine Feminine Essence, you will have a profound, life-changing effect on yourself, the people around you and the circumstances of your life.

THIS is the sacred energy you carry to awaken the world around you and effortlessly attract your deepest desires.

In HER we will:

• Activate your creative imagination

• Open your heart’s intuition and wisdom

• Reprogram your inner child & limiting beliefs

• Activate new habits and empowering ways of being

• Exalt your radiant beauty

• Enhance your magnetic attraction powers

• Harmonize your masculine and feminine frequencies

• Connect with women who will become friends forever

8 weekly circles led by Deborah Hardee in Boise on Tuesday evenings beginning September 24, 2019. Hosted by Cassie Mccullough at ZIVA MEDSPA.

512 W. Idaho Street, Boise, Idaho

6:30pm - 9:00pm


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Free Live Demo High Fitness Class
6:00 PM18:00

Free Live Demo High Fitness Class

  • Ziva Medical Spa & Wellness Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Are you ready to burn calories while having a blast?

You are invited to a Special High Fitness Event!


Wednesday June 26th, 2019. Doors open at 6:00pm & class begins at 6:30pm.

512 W. Idaho St. Suite 200, Boise ID 83702

Please call us at (208)398-2111 to sign up!

We look forward to seeing you

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